In 2015, Cris Thorne (Exec. Producer/Director) began developing The Same Coin as a series about two women involved in the world of escorting.  The two main characters, Tiffany and Liz, would be at different ends of the spectrum with Tiffany having been forced into the business at a young age and Liz getting involved out of curiosity. Casting began that year with only a few people who remain in the cast today; Nadine Kübler, Amanda Mikhail, Stephanie Rupe, Myles Parrish and Malin Tybahl. 

While the 2015 pilot episode was completed, Thorne wasn't satisfied. Fortunately at that time, a colleague reached out to Thorne to tell her story about her brief time in the escorting business. This colleague also showed how to get in contact with other women in the industry, and after a dozen interviews, Thorne had the foundation for what The Same Coin series is today.   

Now with the addition of a third main character, Raquelle, the scope of our story expands even more to show the women who are in the mid-tier of this industry. Whereas, we find Liz in an upscale escort agency, and Tiffany a survivor of the lower class, in Raq's world, this line of work is just another hustle.